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In 2003, PeaceSong released The War Trilogy. The Trilogy is about the effects of the 'War on Terror' on civil liberties, our soldiers, and the people of Iraq. The MP3's of ‘Enemy Me’, ‘Baghdad Road’ and ‘Sudden Sound’ have been freely downloaded by thousands around the world, making www.peacesong.com a top ranked Internet site for peace music. The site was updated in 2005 with a new trilogy – Further On – consisting of ‘Not-So-Curious George’, ‘American Two-Step’ and ‘Shout!’.

In 2006, our songs were included in Neil Young’s Songs of The Times at www.neilyoung.com.

In 2007, Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s 'Into The Music' program broadcast a special edition in commemoration of ANZAC Day -- Australia's 'Veteran's Day'. The program - 'Minstrels of War' - featured two songs from our website.

PeaceSong has performed for United for Peace and Justice, WESPAC, the Theatre Against War Freedom Follies and the Social Justice Ministry of the Riverside Church. It has also presented peace and justice concerts at The Knitting Factory, the Nuyorican Poets Café and The Colony Arts Center (Woodstock, N.Y.). Songs from The War Trilogy were performed live during WBAI's coverage of the Clearwater Festival in 2004. Mr. Foley has also performed peace and justice programs before both middle and high school students in New York City.

In 2005, Mark Foley established VolunteerMusic to extend the mission of peace activism by offering free, non-partisan music events to communities of need. In 2006, VolunteerMusic staged 81 free concerts. Information about this initiative can be found at www.volunteermusic.org.

Mark Foley has performed on public radio nationwide and has appeared on MTV Network’s VH-1.


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